The Blackdog Philosophy

Blackdog Builders Inc. has grown substantially since being founded in 2005, however, our commitment to honesty and integrity has remained the same. The Blackdog team, led by owner Todd Evans, is devoted to incorporating these ideals in everyday work.

Communication – We believe in maintaining open lines of communication and managing expectations throughout each project.

Education – We believe in helping the customer understand the construction process, be involved in the decision making, and know what is achievable within a realistic budget and timeframe.

Understanding – We know that this process is a huge commitment, both emotionally and financially, and it can be very stressful on a family.  Our goal is to keep this in mind throughout the entire process.

Blackdog Property Management

Blackdog Property Management was created to provide professionals specializing in small construction projects and all property management services, in Park City and surrounding areas. Please visit our “Services” page for more information.

We are more than just handymen, we are true building professionals looking to keep your investment in perfect condition.



Blackdog Builders, Inc. is named after Todd Evans’ beloved dog, Susie. Susie was a black lab, with us from 2000-2014. She was loved by many. Through the completion of many projects by Blackdog companies, her legacy will continue. This original photograph became the Blackdog logo when the company was founded in 2005.



Todd Evans has been working and managing projects for the construction industry for over 30 years. Before starting Blackdog Builders in 2005, Todd was a partner in Boardwalk Remodeling & Design in Salt Lake City. He has built this company with his personal and professional goals of honesty, integrity, and his commitment to excellence.

Evans, a Park City native and University of Utah graduate, has always been heavily involved in the Park City community and continues to support local projects and nonprofit organizations.